Sleep+ Time Release


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sleep+ time release
Fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer with sleep+ time release.

As with proper nutrition and exercise, sleep is an essential part of one’s overall health. sleep+ time release is highly effective with no side effects for high quality so you wake up feeling refreshed – safely.

Take just one capsule of sleep+ time release before bedtime for:

  • increased quality and a deeper more restful sleep
  • reduction in time it takes to fall asleep and reduce number of awakenings during sleep
  • a refreshed feeling upon awakening
  • aid in resetting the body’s sleep-wake cycle
  • relief of jet lag related fatigue

What makes sleep+ time release uniquely effective?

It targets the two main reasons why people suffer from inadequate sleep with a natural, non habit forming formula:


  • Helps to relax and calm the mind so you fall asleep with greater ease
  • Our unique beadlet system separates the passionflower from the melatonin allowing the immediate release of the passionflower to help you fall asleep.
  • Clinical studies show that passionflower reduces anxiety and distress

Time Release Melatonin

  • Time release technology ensures the peak release of the melatonin 3-3.5 hours after it is taken so you stay asleep          throughout the night
  • Allows you to achieve restorative sleep cycles, integral to immune function , tissue repair, and well being and mental outlook

Results you can expect with sleep+ time release:

  • Improved mood and energy
  • Improved physical and mental performance
  • Better immune functioning
  • Less irritability
  • Less desire for unhealthy foods

It all starts with better sleep!!!