Greens+ Instant Smoothie a Day

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greens+ Instant Smoothie a day
For 20 years greens+ has stood the test of time as Canada’s favorite green food supplement, providing consumers with results that they feel; improved health, energy and vitality.

Along the way, we recognized that people’s lives were getting busier and were inspired to create a greens+ formula that would provide satisfying nutritional support without sacrificing taste and convenience! So in 2002 incorporated our research-proven greens+ formula into a delicious all-natural, protein rich, low calorie smoothie, and introduced greens+ Instant Smoothie a day: a creamy, delicious and easy way to increase your energy and vitality!

Just one scoop gives you a full serving of greens+ , enhanced with all-natural protein and fruit-flavours. Simply add to water or juice for the healthiest, all-natural and only research-proven green food smoothie – no blender required. greens+ Instant Smoothie a day is also an delicious way for “first timers” to get hooked on the benefits of greens+ !

  • Contains a full serving of phytonutrient and antioxidant-rich greens+ that’s research-proven to increase energy and vitality
  • Includes 15.25 grams of whey protein concentrate to provide a fantastic texture in a healthy way
  • Creamy, delicious taste with all-natural fruit flavour
  • Easy and convenient with no blender required
  • Re-sealable pouch is portable, environmentally friendly and locks-in freshness

With just 100 calories, enjoy greens+ Instant Smoothie a day as part of a healthy breakfast or snack on-the-go.

Available in mixed fruit and tropical fruit flavours.


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